Sperm not motile

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Quick Definition: The definition of motility is the ability of an organism or fluid to move. Sperm motility refers to the movement and swimming of sperm. Sperm are motile cells.

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How does sperm motility affect fertility?

The treatment of male factor infertility was revolutionized in when Palermo and co-workers introduced intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI. It was now possible for men with severe male factor infertility to father a child. ICSI can be used even in cases where the wife produces more eggs than the husband produces sperm! Using high magnification, an oval-appearing motile sperm is selected for ICSI.

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Sperm and Semen Testing and Evaluation

Spermatozoa, after passage through the epididymis, are motile cells. Sperm motility becomes critical at the time of fertilization because it allows or at least facilitates passage of the sperm through the zona pellucida. Without technologic intervention, a non-motile or abnormally-motile sperm is not going to fertilize.

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Motility is a standard measurement taken during a semen analysis. This article explains how sperm motility is measured, how many motile sperm are necessary for conception, causes of low motility and what men can try to do to improve sperm health. Ultimately, just one.