Breast cancer alternative therapies

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Thousands already have! In addition, the treatments promoted in these ads are typically untested, unproven, and largely unregulated. That always seemed like a hazardous claim. A new study suggests that there is danger in relying on unproven treatments over those that have been well-tested.

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Natural cures for breast cancer treatment

Many cancer patients use therapies promoted as literal alternatives to conventional medical care. These can be harmful. Most are helpful adjunctive approaches that control symptoms and enhance quality of life. This review describes alternative as well as complementary therapies commonly used today by cancer patients.

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Complementary and alternative medicines and therapies

Although there are limited studies on this topic, overall, complementary use of these treatment approaches does not seem to prolong or shorten survival, and the data are mixed regarding whether they improve or patient reduce quality of life. Alternative medicine is typically defined as unproven treatments meant to replace conventional anticancer therapies. Studies on alternative medicine in cancer are even more limited than those examining complementary medicine in oncology. A retrospective study of patients with nonmetastatic breast, lung, colorectal, or prostate cancer who replaced conventional therapy with alternative treatments and matched patients who received conventional therapy evaluated survival outcomes over a median follow-up time of 66 months.

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For centuries, herbs and plants have been used for medicinal purposes and as food as well. This review concerns about different types of plants that retain the immune stimulating and anti-tumor properties. Large variety of active phytochemicals such as carotenoids, flavonoids, ligands, polyphenolics, terpenoids, sulfides, lignans and plant sterols has been identified in different types of herbs. These phytochemicals have different mechanisms of action.