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During his 37 years as an electrical engineer, Tom Cumming spent all his time trying not to get electrocuted. After being told his pancreatic cancer was terminal, the grandfather of three researched alternative therapies and discovered an experimental electro-treatment — called NanoKnife — was enjoying some success in the US. Although the treatment is approved for use in Britain it is not available on the NHS, so the year-old paid for private treatment at Princess Grace Hospital, in west London, in Tests revealed the tumour had stopped growing and Mr Cumming was told by doctors he needed no more treatment.

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Is a shocking climax with electroejaculation worth it?

Instrumentation and methodology are described for rectal probe electrostimulation RPE in human males to elicit erection and allow semen collection. This system virtually eliminates shock hazard; the simultaneous monitoring of current, voltage and impedance ensures reliability and repeatability. It was tested with 8 neurologically intact subjects, and 12 paraplegic patients with lesions between T4 and L2.

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Terminal cancer patient successfully zaps away his tumours with electric shocks

What if we tell you that there is yet another shocking way to satisfy your needs? When we say "shocking", we literally do mean "shocking". Meet Shock the Cock, a chastity cage that not only keeps you from achieving all orgasms but will send you a shocking message to remind you who you belong to and why you have it on in the first place.

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Takeaway: Electric play is all about exploring fear, excitement and even pain. It has been republished here with permission from the author. Ask somebody to imagine a torture scene. Psychologists say this depends on the atavistic threat common to both fire and electricity: they are by nature seemingly difficult to control and unpredictable.