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LTD stands for Limited which was supposed to refer to its availability and not its capability, but you know how people make jokes. This one represents from what was the second generation, or at least a major mid-cycle refresh. That provided it with the bubble back hatch and tail lamps from the late, lamented Mercury LN7 version. Two years later the car also received the entire front clip from the Escort GT and was added officially to the Escort family.

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SEALED POWER Engine Connecting Rod Bearing (1400AA.75MM)

There was a time when small coupes were all the rage in America. My high school years will filled with Fieros, MR2s and Pulsars. These cars came about in part thanks to down market expectations of the Regan years. Trickle down economics would not only come from Washington, but from Detroit too as it desperately tried to shrink big inefficient cars to meet new federal mandates.

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Ford Escort EXP Mercury Lynx Throttle Body Injector 87-90 OEM Replacement Parts

Select Vehicle by VIN. Other Popular Ford Escort Parts. Shop for Ford Escort Parts. About Ford Escort.

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These were the first two-seaters produced by Ford since its Thunderbird. The EXP was positioned as a more expensive, sportier vehicle with more standard equipment than the Ford Escort; however, it borrowed some of the Escort's components including the same wheelbase, four-wheel independent suspension, and front wheel drive running gear. While the EXP and LN7 shared multiple elements, they had styling differences aimed to reinforce their separate brands. The LN7 was considered more aerodynamic and bold in design and featured a "bubbleback" rear window compared to the EXP's notchback with a lift-up hatch.