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Through June Luhring Augustine, West 24th Street, Manhattan;luhringaugustine. Kantarovsky paints disconcerting, darkly funny scenes of lovers, mourners, children and freaks, and intensifies their eccentricity through unexpected contrasts of oil paint with drippy watercolor. His figures are pinched and elongated, like Mannerist cartoons, and often limned with thick, confident outlines.

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Thus, I am Continuing in a very real part of the tradition of Victorian Fairy Paintings with innocent, natural, and mild portrayals of the uncovered human form The Classical or Greco-Roman school of art is distinguished by the notion that the human form is the ultimate arena for artistic expression. Many of them commonly went about proudly unclothed - uncommonly beautiful - mischievous, and scandalously promiscuous! Enter a world of Beauty and Imagination.

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Rare Coins from Nishapur. Mesopotamian Magic in the First Millennium B. Far from being considered irrational, magic was the guiding principle by which Mesopotamians understood various natural phenomena and their positive and negative consequences. Baseball Cards in the Jefferson R.