Best fist fight attack

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Tip: Exhale quickly as you throw you punch to help increase the speed and keep you feeling loose. To be good at fist fighting, start by learning how to properly form a fist so you can punch effectively without hurting yourself. Tuck your elbows close to your body and throw quick punches, aiming for your opponent's sensitive spots, like the nose or ribs, to make the most impact.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fighting - How to Win a Fistfight

You practiced it a thousand times half-naked in the bathroom mirror, along with your upper cut, haymaker, and maybe even some moves from that Tae Kwon Do class you took in your sophomore year of college. Combat is imminent. So what do you do?

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10 SIMPLE Fighting Tips

Ah, the Fight Scene : Noble sport and elegant artform that elevates two fictional combatants through ritualized combat, proving their prowess by savagely beating each other upside the head with 2x4's or whatever else they can get their grubby little paws on. Cue the entrance of Kung Fu, Savateand other more choreograph-able fighting styles. So now, only monks and French dudes can kick ass?

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I have never really been in a fistfight. I've had some schoolyard scuffles, sure, but never had to launch or dodge a closed-fist punch. I was reminded of this rather abruptly the other day, when I saw a friend of mine nearly get in a fistfight in a parking lot.