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Posted by Nick Diliberto on October 02, First of all, both of you will be acting out the same word or phrase at the same time, so you could actually be helping the other team guess the word. As both of you are acting it out, both of your teams will be able to guess what the word or phrase is.

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Top 20 Youth Group Games

Random games and icebreakers are fine to play in our youth groups, but often we'd rather go beyond the realm of entertainment to teach and inspire Christian teens in their faith. Here are nine fun Bible games that combine a great time with a great lesson. Playing Bible Charades is simple.

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High School

Youth Bible study lessons are essential - not only in our churches, but also our homes. We need creative youth ideas to help us successfully compete with the world for our teens' interest and time. This is a crucial time to continue planting those seeds of God's Word into their lives. Youth ministry is vital to our homes, our churches and our world!

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Every youth leader needs a bevy of Christian games and activities on hand for youth group. Keeping a 'stock' of youth group ideas to use in a pinch will prove to be a lifesaver. Design your activities with your group members' ages in mind, and the kids will have fun no matter how silly or serious the activities are.