Car in suck

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Electric vehicles just aren't ready yet, and we've got ten reasons why, such as being potentially more expensive to run and more harmful to the environment than their gas-guzzling counterparts. Electric cars are arriving in force, and it looks like they're here to stay. In fact, just about every manufacturer worth its salt is investing in the technology, citing greener, zero-emissions driving as their motivation.

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Car's Suck

At the dawn of the automotive age, anyone with even the slightest mechanical know-how could create any kind of car imaginable. But safety regulations and uniformity standards eventually put an end to the anything-goes creativity of early car makers. Modern cars are definitely safer for it but, as this shortlist points out, some of those standards may have come at the cost of style.

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Five Reasons Why Modern Cars Suck

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I tend to get pretty curmudgeonly about Model Bloatexcessive standard featuresand other ills of the current generation of cars, but that sure as hell doesn't mean I think Everything About The Old Days Was Better. Far from it! I've almost always selected vehicles in the toyear-old range, not because They Built 'Em Better Back Then but because that's the range you're most likely to find in self-service junkyards. As far as I'm concerned, the Golden Age Of Cars was the early s, when every vehicle came with electronic fuel injection, pretty good brakes, and— in many cases— interesting styling, but hadn't yet been loaded down with pounds of cup holders, power everything, and sound-deadening insulation.