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Title Author Keyword Volume Vol. Korean J Fam Pract. Other Sections Abstract References Abstract Background: Many studies have shown that adolescents should have a late sexual debut for development of appropriate sexual identity and health behavior. We identified factors influencing adolescent sexual debut age.

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Early sexual debut and risky sex in young adults: the role of low self-control

A validated questionnaire was sent to all ninth-grade pupils without prior notice to either teachers or pupils. Low-risk HPV types may cause formation of anogenital warts, whereas high-risk types may cause cancer of the cervix, anus, vulva, vagina, penis, and of the head and neck [2]. In Denmark, the quadrivalent HPV vaccine was implemented in the Danish childhood vaccination programme inrecommending vaccination of girls aged 12 years, with catch-up programmes targeting women in the birth cohorts [3]. Since the implementation of the HPV vaccine, the incidence of anogenital warts has declined significantly in Denmark [4], and studies have reported a significantly lower risk of cervical neoplasia among HPV-vaccinated than among unvaccinated individuals [5].

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Delay of sexual debut is an important tactic in HIV prevention among youth, resulting in fewer years at high risk. Recommended instead are comprehensive sexual education programs that include sex education and information on abstinence, delay of sexual debut, partner limitation, condom use, and contraception. Several national demographic surveys have found a correlation between early onset of sexual activity and higher HIV prevalence among young people, who may not be biologically or psychologically ready for sex.

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Early sexual debut is commonly defined as having had first sexual intercourse at or before age 14 years and is associated with risks to sexual and reproductive health. Sexual coercion, which is also attributed to early sexual debut, is increasingly receiving attention as an important public health issue owing to its association with adverse health and social outcomes. In severe cases, sexual coercion culminates in prostitution and psychological problems.