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Eating sushi off a naked girl: yay or yuck?

A colleague whose job it is to entertain people from overseas on tech tours of Tokyo once commented that nyotaimori was almost always brought up by groups of businessmen, and how difficult it was to discover a place where they could experience the phenomenon. In the end he said he did discover a place that offered it — at a far more extravagant price then most would be willing to pay. For an answer, one can turn to the cm-long body of Miho Wakabayashi. Such a drinking establishment is one in which customers engage in uninhibited intimate activities with one another.

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Would You Participate in Nyotaimori, the Art of Eating Sushi Off a Naked Woman's Body?

Nyotaimori— often translated as "female body arrangement"—is the practice of eating sushi off a woman's naked body. It is not mainstream in Japan by any stretch. Yet, as sister site Jezebel points outthe tradition survives in the West.

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By Daily Mail Reporter. Controversial: One Miami restaurant is giving diners the chance to eat sushi directly off the bare bodies of models, pictured. Diners use their chopsticks to eat directly off the 'human platter'.