Female orgasm g spot

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If women's orgasms were animals, the clitoral kind would be a dog. Stay with me, here! It's dependable, loyal, and predictable. You know exactly how a pup's going to react when you shake a box of treats, and most women know precisely what kind of clitoral action will cause climax.

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How To Master The Woman's G-Spot

Named after Dr. Ernst Grafenbergthe urologist who discovered it, the G-Spot is a scientifically researched area that can give women incredible pleasure. It is identified as the female prostate, demonstrating similar traits and functions as the male prostate; all women have one and are capable of ejaculating prostatic fluid. The female prostate is a vine-like structure that surrounds the urethral canal the tube that urine exits the body.

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How To Find Your G-Spot So You Can Have The Strongest Orgasms Ever

Since that time, the G-spot has remained the subject of scientific and sexual controversy. Some females report experiencing immense pleasure from the stimulation of this spot. However, others have reported frustration from their inability to find it, or from the belief that they do not have a G-spot.

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The concept of the G-spot, a supposed pleasure-inducing zone inside the front wall of the vagina, has eluded women for decades. Since then, women and their partners have been desperate to find the G-spot, and magazines have devoted countless pages to helping them do so. If people can find the spot and stimulate it through penetration using the penis or fingers, the theory goes, women can have out-of-this-world orgasms without any other stimulation. On Cosmopolitan UK's website, a writer says women can find their own G-spots by sticking a finger about one-third of the way into their vaginas where they will feel the "spongy area.