How is a virgin birth possible

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Christmas seems an appropriate time to ask whether it's biologically possible to have a virgin birth. And you may be surprised to hear that it is possible — just not for humans, or any other mammals. Experiments with mice and other mammals show an egg must be fertilised with a sperm to kick off development of any kind. Just stimulating a mammal egg with chemicals or electricity doesn't trigger it to divide normally.

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FYI: Could A Virgin Birth Ever Happen?

Virgin births are no longer rare. They happen everywhere, in ways we still don't fully understand. This 6m long 20 ft python had spent four years alone in Louisville zoo in the US, without ever having met a male of her species.

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Can a Virgin Give Birth?

Photo via Flickr user Norbert Schnitzler. Although the religious meaning of Christmas was long ago neutered, replaced with the secular joys of eggnog and mall Santasat its core December 25 is still a celebration of Jesus Christ's virgin birth. Although holy men have long regarded the virgin birth as an inexplicable miracle, others have sought scientific explanations for the story—either to prove its plausibility or debunk it as an impossibility.

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What would it be like if women could have babies on their own? As a single mother, I thought it would be fabulous to have the option of another child without first having to find the right man. I went to Catholic schools as a child, and so spent many years with the nuns contemplating the miracle of Mary's virgin pregnancy [corrected]. Hers is the best known story of a virgin birth in the world, but it is by no means the only one.