How to start off sex

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My partner guided me through what she liked on my first time which made it far more enjoyable for both of us. Ignore anyone who says the clitoris is difficult to find. It is literally front and center.

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4 Easy Sex Positions To Start With When You Have No Clue What You're Doing

THINK that having sex straight away puts the other person off wanting to have a proper relationship with you? Think again. Scientists believe that getting down and dirty straight away can actually help to start relationships between potential partners - not the reverse.

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9 Things You Should Always Do Before Having Sex

Foreplay is like an appetizer to the main course. Sure, your medium-rare filet mignon will taste okay alone. And well, sex works just like food does. Sometimes, it can even be better than the sex itself.

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S ex is a life-affirming act, one of the most intimate things you can do with another person. But talking about it? So much harder. For example, someone with low desire may have been harbouring 20 years of resentment about something else.