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Paislee. Age: 23.

Glam metal often used synonymously with pop metalor pejoratively as hair metal is a subgenre of heavy metalwhich features pop -influenced hooks and guitar riffsand borrows heavily from the fashion and image of s glam rock. Early glam metal evolved directly from the glam rock movement of the s, as visual elements taken from acts such as The New York Dolls and David Bowie and to a lesser extent, the punk and new wave movements taking place concurrently in New York City were fused with the decidedly more heavy metal leaning and theatrical acts such as Alice Cooper and Kiss. It achieved tremendous commercial success from approximately until the early s, bringing to prominence bands such as PoisonSkid RowCinderella and Warrant. Glam metal suffered a tremendous loss in popularity beginning by the early s as the grunge and alternative phenomenon revolutionized hard rock, and fans' tastes moved toward a more natural and stripped-down aesthetic and a complete rejection of the glam metal visual style.

Meredith. Age: 24.

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Powered by WordPress. Back then, the way we experienced music was much different. When an album dropped, you ran to your nearest record store and purchased a copy. Walkmans and CD players were the only portable options, way before smartphones and streaming services became the new normal.

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News Guardian. Pop CD of the week Boom town brats They're too cute and still too young to get the respect they deserve. The most entertaining is the Hanson Sucks message board, where attacks on the group's white-bread cuteness became so heated at one stage that year-old Isaac Hanson wittily retorted, "We do not suck.

SWM, 26, looks just like Buddy Holly. Ivy League-educated rock star with fondness for tattered sweaters. Likes Kiss, but tired of sex. Shy, introspective, obsessive.