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Iraq has seen decades of conflict, from war with Iran in the s to the Gulf War, the U. The years of turmoil have widowed women and orphaned children, further worsening the conditions in which they live. But this disturbing trend is just one consequence of the devastation of postwar Iraq.

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Sex racket: Iraq clerics marry girls off for a few hours in 'pleasure marriages'

I was told that behind closed doors many of these clerics were using and abusing Sharia marriage laws to exploit women for profit. These men were grooming vulnerable girls and young women, trapping them into prostitution and pimping them out, all with seemingly total impunity. For such a story, we needed to secure evidence on camera.

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Iraq’s secret sex trade

Updated December 05, A freed Iraqi Yazidi woman, who was held as a sex slave by the Islamic State IS group, came face-to-face with her tormentor on Iraqi television, demanding an explanation for her suffering before collapsing to the ground. Ashwaq Hajji Hamid had been kidnapped and sold to IS when she was separated from her family and taken to Syria at the age of

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