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While trying to get Maggie to say her first words, Marge recalls what happened a few years back when Lisa was born, when they first moved into their present home, and what Lisa's first word was. When HomerMargeBart and Lisa unsuccessfully try to get Maggie to speak, Marge tells the family the story of when Lisa said her first word. Bart asks Marge his first word and a flashback is shown: Homer and Marge were in the middle of having sex when a toddler-Bart opens the door causing him to shout "Ay, Caramba!

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Love, Springfieldian Style

This story is fantasy and shouldn't be taken as the writer's real views. Simpsons: Bart And Lisa's Incest Sex mg,inc,cp by The Wrapper Lisa Simpson was sitting on her knees, her hand was down her skirt and under her panties, rubbing at her smooth ten year old pussy. It felt good so she rubbed harder. She looked through the half-open door at the object of her lust, her thirteen year old brother Bart.

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Simpsons porn - adult Lisa Simpsons plumbed by hookup machine and infalted. The Simpsons Lisa and Bart goes sexual. HOT Carl and Marge. Marge Simpson Porno.