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You never know when the urge to head to the beach and rip off your clothes will strike. But if it does, it's good to have some idea of where to go. Thankfully, in California you have options. There are dozens of clothing-optional beaches along our coast, many of which have been frequented by nudists for decades.

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What You Need to Know Before Visiting Nude Beaches in California

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Beautiful beach with nude option - San Onofre State Beach

Watch out for the rattlesnake as you walk around. Especially near the low scrubs. Everything else The first time I went there, I walked down from the first parking area around the power plant to the other end.

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When going nude on California's beaches, there's often a wide chasm between expectation and reality -- but that's more of a "nude beach" thing than a California thing. You can't just drop trou and get an all-over tan at any old stretch of Golden State shoreline, and the select beaches where California does allow nude sunbathing are mostly and not-so-coincidentally in hard-to-reach and obscure locations. In other words, they're the kind of amenity-free beaches where you'd do well to bring your own food, drinks, chairs, and umbrellas. Many of the state's most popular and underrated nude beaches are hidden mere minutes away from the popular shopping malls that line our coast, but you'd never know it unless you knew where to look.