Penis stays in foreskin

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The foreskin also known as the prepuce is a portion of skin on the penis that covers and protects the tip of the penis, also known as the glans. It can be a tough world for a glans -- there's abrasion from undergarments, cold winter weather and dry air. It's good to have a protection policy in place, and the foreskin provides that protection for the glans.

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Foreskin Care Questions

Paraphimosis is a condition that only affects uncircumcised males. It develops when the foreskin can no longer be pulled forward over the tip of the penis. This causes the foreskin to become swollen and stuck, which may slow or stop the flow of blood to the tip of the penis. Paraphimosis most often occurs when a healthcare provider handles the foreskin improperly.

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My Penis Can't Pass Through My Foreskin!

Dear Dr G. I'm in my early 20s, and I have a question that needs a solution. I'm uncircumcised and I'm aware of the hygiene and long-term benefits of circumcision. I recently came across some information regarding a practice called "autocircumcision".

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