Rabbit pee on snow

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Rabbits do not tolerate extreme weather temperatures so you need to make sure their housing stays warm and comfortable and protects them from the elements. Rabbits do not hiberate, so if your rabbit looks limp or sleepy and isn't really reacting to anything then you need to get him to a vet ASAP. If you have just got a rabbit and he's been kept indoors or is a baby, don't put him outside until the weather gets warmer, as the sharp change in weather can kill.

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BLUE wild rabbit urine??

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Blue Rabbit Urine

The normal color of urine from rabbits is yellow. Sometimes the urine can become red, pink, brown, or orange. This condition, often simply called "red urine," can occur in healthy rabbits as well as those who are ill. Plant pigments : In healthy rabbits, the red color of urine can be due to porphyrins and other plant pigments that have not all been identified.

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