Right tram-flap breast reconstruction

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TRAM stands for transverse rectus abdominis, a muscle in your lower abdomen between your waist and your pubic bone. Overall, TRAM flaps are the most commonly performed type of flap reconstruction, partly because TRAM flap tissue is very similar to breast tissue and makes a good substitute. They also have been around for some time, and many surgeons know how to do them.

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Breast reconstruction

Find information and resources for current and returning patients. Learn about clinical trials at MD Anderson and search our database for open studies. The Lyda Hill Cancer Prevention Center provides cancer risk assessment, screening and diagnostic services. Your gift will help support our mission to end cancer and make a difference in the lives of our patients.

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TRAM Flap Reconstruction: What to Expect

Breast reconstruction is the surgical process of rebuilding the shape and look of a breastmost commonly in women who have had surgery to treat breast cancer. It involves using autologous tissue, prosthetic implants, or a combination of both with the goal of reconstructing a natural-looking breast. This process often also includes the rebuilding of the nipple and areola, known as nipple-areola complex NAC reconstruction, as one of the final stages.

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Transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous TRAM flap breast reconstruction involves rebuilding a breast shape by moving skin, fatty tissue and part of the rectus abdominus muscle from the abdomen stomach to the chest. One of the benefits of a TRAM flap breast reconstruction is that the breast s can be reconstructed without needing implants. Breast reconstruction techniques which use tissue flaps that rely on a supply of blood may not be suitable for people who smoke. Smokers should stop cigarette smoking and nicotine substitutes for at least 4 weeks before the scheduled operation.