Russian sex ed class

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In Soviet times, it was sometimes said, there was no sex; but there was at least in many periods sex education in the schools. But in post-Soviet times, there appears to be even more sex, although there is no sex education in the schools as a result of enormous parental opposition to it. Sex education classes began to appear at the end of the s largely as a result of urbanization, and intwo obligatory classes were introduced for those in the eighth, tenth and eleventh grades.

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Russian literature is best sex education for young people, says ombudsman

Barely spoken about publicly in Soviet times and with the Kremlin pushing conservative values in recent years, sex, as a subject, remains largely an unmentionable in Russia. Viktoria Ekaterina Frank, a psychologist and sexologist, said that her course at the Sex. Nearly three decades after the end of the USSR, Russian society remains deeply marked by the aura of taboo around the issue of sex in the Soviet Union, according to sociologists. A TV interview from the beginning of the Perestroika era immortalised the Soviet prudish and practical attitude to sex, even if it was far from true in practice.

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Sex education

All Russia was learning to read, and reading—politics, economics, history—because the people wanted to know. In every city, in most towns, along the Front, each political faction had its newspaper—sometimes several. Hundreds of thousands of pamphlets were distributed by thousands of organisations, and poured into the armies, the villages, the factories, the streets. The thirst for education, so long thwarted, burst with the Revolution into a frenzy of expression.

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As protesters gathered outside the parliament and in cities across Poland, lawmakers from the ruling Law and Justice PiS party voted for the bill to go to a parliamentary commission for further work. The PiS won parliamentary elections in Poland last Sunday, but far-right and staunchly Catholic voters also managed to introduce candidates to parliament. Some political analysts think the PiS, which lost seats in the upper house and won the same number of seats in the lower house as inwants to show such voters it is the best party to represent them, which may result in the party turning further to the right and to the Church.