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Elena Kostornaia, a year-old Russian, took the lead. Hanyu totaled Kostornaia opened with a triple axel and landed all her remaining jumps cleanly to score a personal-best She won the Internationaux de France this month in her Grand Prix debut.

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This Teen Read The Russian Constitution To Riot Police Before Being Detained

In the summer ofAmerican college students were thronging in California. That very summer, many Russian teenagers were coming together in a similarly hedonistic fashion. Demographically they were in charge—over fifty percent of Russians were younger than 27 at the time.

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Anna Shcherbakova extends Russian teen figure skating reign at Cup of China

FT's Henry Foy meets the year old student who has become a symbol of the pro-democracy movement. Moscow has been rocked this summer by the biggest and most sustained protests since with opposition candidates banned from September's elections. Moscow has been rocked this summer by the biggest and most sustained mass protests since when Vladimir Putin returned to the Russian presidency. Opposition candidates have been banned from running in Moscow's local elections in September.

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The Russian public is rallying behind three teenage sisters on trial for killing their father, an act they say was forced upon them by years of abuse at his hands. The high-profile trial of Krestina Khachaturyan, 19, and her sisters Angelina, 18, and Maria, 17, has thrown Russia's permissive domestic violence laws back into the spotlight, and prompted protests on the streets. The teens say they suffered years of violent sexual, physical, and psychological abuse at the hands of their father Mikhail, 57, at their Moscow home. On July 27,the sisters doused their father with pepper spray, stabbed him 36 times with a hunting knife, and beat him with a hammer as he slept in an armchair, according to court documented cited by the BBC.