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Sex for Breakfast

Top definition. A Continental Breakfast usually consists of some cheap freeze-dried coffee, some sort of stale pastry and perhaps an old, soft biscuit if you're fortunate enough. The name comes from the fact that Hoteliers wish you to believe that our "more culturaly refined" and "chic" Continental note, European cousins, eat this crap for breakfast themselves, and by eating it you can be JUST as cultured!

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Morning sex instead of breakfast

For their salty series Sex for Breakfastthe pair posed bodies in the buff alongside a buffet of brunchtime snacks from raw bacon to buttery pancakes. With bright colors, sensual textures, and a straight-forward sense of humor, the series steps outside of the traditional tropes of erotica or other forms of sexual imagery. Instead, the nude body exists as a conversation piece—another appetizer alongside the fresh fruit.

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