Sexual peak for men

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IT'S long been thought women reach their sexual peak a little later than men. But, chances are girls, you'll be having the best sex of your life a little earlier than you expected - in fact, you might have already had it. While past research has shown a woman's libido is most rampant in her 30s, new findings suggest that might not be true.

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A man's sexual peak

Chances are you've heard that men hit their peak at But is it really true that men are at the height of their sexual prowess when they're too young to know what to do with it? It depends on your definition of peak. Around age 18, a guy's organs read: his testicles are producing the most sex-revving testosterone they ever will, according to Ava Cadell, Ph.

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This Is The Age You’ll Reach Your Sexual Peak

When it comes to men and their sexual peak, there's a widespread notion that men reach the pinnacle at 18 -- and remain there throughout their 20s. Studies show that the male sex hormone, testosterone, begins to peak as a man moves from his teens into his 20s. By age 18, male testicles are producing the most testosterone they ever have -- or will -- in a man's lifetime.

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New research from sex toy retailers LoveHoney has found that the majority of women feel their desire for sex was highest between the ages of 18 and The survey suggests that men actually hit their peak in their late 20s and early 30s, while women hit theirs earlier, in their early 20s. The research was also performed through a survey, asking people to self-report when their sex drives were highest.