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Hamstring injuries are a reality for sprinting athletes. Many experts today think this is due to the strength, or lack thereof, of the hamstrings while in the lengthened position especially during one phase of the sprinting action. When sprinting, the foot leaves the ground. From here, the leg is swung forward.

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Who knows why they ever drifted from the spotlight? The glutes are our largest muscle group, and virtually every movement carried out byt he lower body requires their activation. Plus, to state the obvious: A firm, lifted butt is seriously sexy.

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Sculpt a Tight Butt: Top 5 Exercises for a Sexy Rear

If you a pole dancer then you are probably looking for the perfect and sexy butt for your exotic pole routine, or you just want to feel sexy in your booty. You probably know the nightmarish methods already floating around the internet. Quick Read: Getting a great looking booty you will love is not easy illustrated in the plans below If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get the best-looking booty I recommend Unlock Your Glutes training program.

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Perhaps the promise of a fuller backside seems unrealistic as your personal trainer shouts for you to pick up the sprinting pace. Your gym shoes have already burned rubber on the track, up the steps and down the basketball court. Your hamstrings ache and your thighs burn. Naturally, you wonder if all this intensive, exhausting sprinting will actually tone your butt -- until you're slipping on your favorite skinny jeans, and your glutes look superb.