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But, at the same time, most Canadians do not share the moral convictions of his evangelical denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Do Stephen Harper and Sarah Palin share beliefs about the end times? Why did 10 evangelical leaders travel with Harper to Israel?

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It all has the greasy transactional feel that is so very Ottawa. Neither is former U. Just Monday, from B. Similarly another dated video making the rounds Monday showed Goldy, then working for the now-defunct Sun News Network, walking with Trudeau.

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Calling out Andrew Scheer's religious extremism

If Bay Street and the energy sector see that Trudeau is prepared to fulfill the same key objectives as Harper, they will not think twice about swinging their support back to the Liberals. This latest statement on Keystone signals that Mr. Trudeau is truly open for business. For this reason, while backing Keystone may be unpopular with certain segments of the Canadian public, it could prove a shrewd political move in the long-run.

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Coming close but falling just short. Doors opened at Conservative HQ in Regina a half-hour before polls closed in central Canada, with the party far behind in early returns. Supporters shuffled into the hall quietly, like moviegoers entering the theatre after the previews had begun. They hoped the big screens gave them something, anything, to cheer for.