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The aim of this review is to discuss some of the neurological diseases that present mainly in the adolescent period. The article focuses on the usual presentation and course of the more common, and some uncommon, epilepsies, neuromuscular disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system and some other, miscellaneous conditions. The article ends with a very brief and general discussion about management issues in this age group. Recent medical publications, including two from the National Health Service, 12 have focused on adolescent health issues, and specifically the transition from paediatric to adult services.

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Neurological disorders presenting mainly in adolescence

This website translates English to other languages using an automated tool. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translated text. A seizure happens when electrical activity in the brain surges suddenly. Atonic seizures are a type of seizure that causes sudden loss of muscle strength.

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Evaluation of First-Time Seizure

A seizure is the physical findings or changes in behavior that occur after an episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The term "seizure" is often used interchangeably with "convulsion. There are many different types of seizures.

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Skip to content. Seizures can be a sign of epilepsy, but they can happen for other reasons as well. Although the exact cause of a seizure can't always be pinpointed, you should always be evaluated by a doctor the first time you have a seizure. When your brain's electrical system doesn't work properly, a seizure occurs.