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17 slang words teens and Gen Z-ers are using in 2019, and what they mean

Want to stay hip and up to date on the latest slang terms? I frequently find myself rolling my eyes at the latest slang term and then immediately going to yell at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn see what I did there - it's an "I'm old" joke. Get real.

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116 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents

Teens in each generation develop a language of their own based on what is going on in teen culture. And the introduction of social media and digital communication means teen slang is evolving faster than ever. Teen slang has come a long way from the days of " " and "radical dude.

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Sometimes it may seem as though you need a translator to understand what your teenager is talking about. With a new slang word seemingly invented every week; many parents find it difficult to keep up with the latest phrases and sayings. Put together by teenagers and parents, this dictionary of 'teenglish' complete with definitions should help break down the language barrier. Example: "Definitely up for a Beverley Knight".