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Western families where parents continue to sleep with their babies after six months are more likely to experience relationship difficulties, poor co-parenting and maternal depression, according to unique observations inside the bedroom. However, our findings suggest that, at least in Western culture, sharing a room or bed long-term with a baby can be a sign of family dysfunction. That is, problematic co-parenting and poor spousal relationships may encourage mothers to share a bed or a room with their babies long-term. The level of family chaos was higher, and the quality of care putting their baby to bed was lower.

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And the family dog sleeps with Tony, who felt crowded out. Francesca never imagined that her marital bed would turn into the family bed. But she is just one of countless parents who are sleeping with their children for all or part of the night. Every night.

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Co-sleeping: The pros and cons of sharing a bed with your children

Tempted to give in to nighttime visits from your little one? Here's why one mom finally gave in to the family bed. It's 1 a.

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Some children are all-night sleepers, but they're in the minority. The Mother-Baby Behavioural Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, a leading American research university, has carried out a number of studies into co-sleeping. Until they are around six, children's sleep cycles are shorter than those of adults — about 60 minutes rather than 90 to minutes. So there are many more points in the night when they might wake as they move from one cycle to another.