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Everyone wants to feel sexy on the beach or at the pool for a fun day out. You want a swimsuit that makes your body look its best so that you can focus on having fun in the sun. There are so many different styles for swimwear that look great on different types, so you can choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable, confident and ready for relaxation.

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Devon Windsor joins fellow bikini-clad Victoria's Secret models for post-wedding

By Emily Kirkpatrick. Devon Windsor is gearing up for her wedding this weekendstarting from the bottom up. Barts to prepare for her nuptials with longtime boyfriend Johnny Dex Barbara, and kicked off the festivities by taking a boat ride with her best friend Olivia Culpo.

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Alexandra Ambrosio Poses In Tiniest Bikinis For Victoria's Secret Fashion Shoot

Sure, supermodels are genetically gifted lucky ducks who get paid to take care of their bodies and eat right. But even they have secrets they rely on when they need an extra boost of confidence to look great in a bikini or lingerie —tips even we nonmodels can use when it's time to hit the beach. Read on to find out some top models' clever confidence tricks and, no, Photoshop isn't one of them.

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Victoria's Secret relaunched swimwear Tuesday after a three-year hiatusand despite the hype, it seems to be falling flat on social media. I only found a few that are cute, but Amazon has had cuter before," one customer wrote on Twitter. Several customers have taken to Victoria's Secret's Facebook page to complain about the cost and sizing of the new collection.