Where in the bible does it say being gay

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Posted August 23, As Australia faces a postal survey on same-sex marriage, we are seeing a steady stream of articles arguing the Yes or No case. Many on the No side are prone to citing the Bible or appealing to "biblical values".

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What God Says About Homosexuality

There are very few references to homosexuality—that is, being sexually oriented to people of the same sex—in the New Testament. References are to be found only in writings associated with Paul. Matt ?

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What the New Testament Says about Homosexuality

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? The book of Leviticus also prohibits what you can eat and prescribes animal sacrifices. Why do you disregard those rules but adhere to these rules?

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Answered by Jimmy Creech, former United Methodist pastor for nearly 30 years at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church. A growing number of religious groups have issued statements officially welcoming LGBTQ people as members. What is at the heart of the position that the Bible is clear on the subject "that homosexuality is forbidden by God?