Why are homosexuals discriminated agaist

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This chapter reviews recent research regarding such discrimination as well as regarding the effects of such discrimination on LGBT people. The latter research shows that discrimination has negative effects on LGBT people in terms of health, wages, job opportunities, productivity in the workplace, and job satisfaction. Widespread and continuing employment discrimination against LGBT people has been documented in scientific field studies, controlled experiments, academic journals, court cases, state and local administrative complaints, complaints to community-based organizations, and in newspapers, books, and other media. Further, federal, state, and local courts, legislative bodies, and administrative agencies have acknowledged that LGBT people have faced widespread discrimination in employment.

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“Just Let Us Be”

And the odds of Congress changing that in the immediate future are slim. While courts and federal agencies have found some protections for gay and transgender Americans under existing statutes, efforts to pass a law that explicitly makes it illegal to deny them an apartment or fire them from a job have faltered. LGBT rights advocates have been pushing to pass such laws for decades, starting long before their successful fights to legalize same-sex marriage and allow gay people to serve openly in the military. And in March, lawmakers from both chambers of Congress launched yet another attempt, introducing the Equality Act ofa sweeping measure that would ban discrimination in areas ranging from housing to public accommodations a realm that includes public bathrooms as well as bakeriestwo areas of recent contention.

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Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

The study estimated costs related to discrimination against LGBT people in employment and other settings; to bullying and family rejection of LGBT youth; and to health disparities resulting from a challenging climate for LGBT people. The study drew upon state-level data to estimate some of the cost savings that would result if Georgia were to move towards creating a more accepting environment for itsLGBT adults and 58, LGBT youth. The study found that stigma and discrimination against LGBT people in Georgia can negatively affect the state, businesses, and the economy in a number of ways:.

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Homosexual discrimination is against the law and is when you have been treated unfairly because:. Indirect discrimination is also against the law. If you are unsure if you have experienced discrimination or if you need more information, you can contact our enquiry service.