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The Ohnut. Womanizer Premium. Organic Glide by Viamax. Starlet 2 by Womanizer.

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6 Woman-Owned, Feminist Sex Shops To Support For Valentine's Day (Or Christian Grey Day)

If Instagram is to be believed, then self care for women basically amounts to face masks and daily affirmation apps. Orgasms release oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone that gets you warm and fuzzy when cuddling, while dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, also makes an appearance. It stands to reason, then, that "I need to get laid" is a thing that actually makes sense to say when you're having a rough week. Sex toys allow you to give yourself that needed boost whenever you damn well please, and it's empowering to not have to rely on someone else though toys are great for spicing things up with a partner, too.

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Sex Toys for Women

By continuing to use our site you agree to us using cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. It's time to empower all aspects of your life- sex life included. Check out our latest range of sex toys and vibrators that we know will really hit the spot. In especially designed shapes, prints, and metallic finishes, our adult toys and intimates are here to bring you that buzz you deserve and look good doing it.

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According to most surveys, around half of us have at least played around with a sex toy, while according to an Indiana University study, around 50 per cent of women regularly use a vibrator during sex solo or otherwise. Buy now from Ann Summers. Review: While most wands come with a long cable that requires a nearby plug socket, this cordless sex toy for women is chargeable and can therefore be used anywhere you like. Buy now from Amazon.