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Thanks to their amazing performances, the following groups are the winners of the Grand Prize and other prizes in Asian Beat The prize awarded to the group that comes in first place. The prize awarded to the group that comes in second place. The prize awarded to the group that comes in third place.

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Beatfreaks: A Birmingham Based Enterprise

I became an avid viewer at the beginning of season one, not only because it's an opportunity to see some kickass dancing, but because Asian Americans dancers have been seriously representing since the very first audition episode. JabbaWockeeZwhose name is derived from the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky," took the show's crown in season one, and are known for precise, intricate synchronization and their signature white gloves and masks. Season two winners Super Cr3w are known for their acrobatic power moves and show-stopping theatrics.

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Asian Beat

Post a Comment. Halo Halong Pinoy Loading Who's gonna be the new america's best dance crew? Labels: Entertainment.

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