Bluish spot on bottom lip

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If a person's skin or lips turn blue, it's usually caused by low blood oxygen levels or poor circulation. It can be a sign of a serious problem, so it's important to seek medical advice. When blood becomes depleted of oxygen, it changes from bright red to darker in colour, and it's this that makes the skin and lips look blue. In darker-skinned people, the blue tinge may be easier to spot in the lips, gums and around the eyes.

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Color Changes and Spots in the Mouth

Bluish discoloration of the skin may signal lack of oxygen in the blood. It could also indicate an abnormal form of hemoglobin a protein in red blood cellssuch as in sickle cell anemia. Cyanosis is the name for poor oxygen circulation in the blood that causes bluish discoloration of the skin. Central cyanosis affects the lips, but it can also affect the tongue and chest.

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Oral Melanotic Macule

By Angela Epstein for the Daily Mail. You might think you know your own body better than anyone else, but the trained eye of a doctor can pick up on warning signs that might pass you by. Take, for example, Billy Connolly, who discovered he had Parkinson's disease only after an Australian fan, who happened to be a doctor, spotted him walking through a hotel lobby. He approached the year-old Scottish comedian and told him to see his GP right away as his gait suggested he was showing early signs of the disease - which tests went on to show he had.

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Blood vessel changes lead to bruising with only minor trauma in sun-exposed areas. Made to help keep lips moisturized for up to eight hours, this version creates an ultra-flexible barrier to treat. A medical examination may be required to identify the actual cause of the spots.