Breast surgery anatomy

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Each breast has six to nine overlapping sections, called lobes. Within each lobe are many smaller lobules, which end in dozens of tiny bulbs that can produce milk. The lobes, lobules and bulbs are all linked by thin tubes called ducts.

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Basic Facts About Breast Health: Breast Anatomy

NCBI Bookshelf. Allyson B. Authors Allyson B. Peterson 2.

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Surgical Anatomy of the Breast: Key Points for Mini-Invasive Video Assisted Approach

Over time, variations of mastectomy came up and led to enhance the oncological safety and the possibility of an immediate breast reconstruction. Those techniques permit the conservation of skin, inframammary fold and specially the nipple areola complex NAC to achieve better outcomes. Nowadays the number of publications describing a nipple sparing mastectomy NSM has strongly increased.

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In a breast-lift surgery to re-establish an aesthetically proportionate bust for the woman, the critical corrective consideration is the tissue viability of the nipple-areola complex NACto ensure the functional sensitivity of the breasts for lactation and breast-feeding. The breast-lift correction of a sagging bust is a surgical operation that cuts and removes excess tissues glandularadiposeskinoverstretched suspensory ligamentsexcess skin from the skin-envelope, and transposes the nipple-areola complex higher upon the breast hemisphere. In surgical practice, mastopexy can be performed as a discrete breast-lift procedure, and as a subordinate surgery within a combined mastopexy—breast augmentation procedure.