Cant breast feed

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We hear a lot about how wonderful breastfeeding is. I write about it many times; how it is wonderfully bonding; the feeling of confidence as you see your baby grow; the incredible simplicity of a baby falling asleep and resting against your breast. There is nothing like these experiences. Every woman deserves to feel this with their baby, but what if that is not happening for you — or not in the way you think it should?

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Why You Might Not Be Able to Breastfeed

Looks like you're in the UK. Did you know The Strategist is too? On the day after I gave birth, a lactation consultant visited me in the hospital.

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6 breastfeeding problems in the first week – solved

Having trouble breastfeeding your newborn? Read our expert tips to solve common breastfeeding problems in the first week. Solutions 3. During the first few days you only need to be concerned if your baby is losing more weight than expected and producing too few wet and dirty nappies, or is showing signs of dehydration.

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After struggling to breast-feed her first two children, Nyssa Retter was determined to do better with her third. She gave birth without painkillers, which may make newborns slightly drowsy. She chose a free-standing birth center staffed with lactation-savvy midwives.