Ethnicity of modesto teen in police brutality claim

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List of rampage killers in the Americas

This section of the list of rampage killers contains those cases that occurred in the Americas. This section does not include school massacres ; workplace killings ; religious, political or racial crimes ; or mass murders that took place primarily in a domestic environmentlike familicides, which are covered in their own categories. Cases where the primary motive for the murders was to facilitate or cover up another felonylike robbery, are also excluded. A rampage involves the attempted killing of multiple persons at least partly in public space by a single physically present perpetrator using potentially deadly weapons in a single event without any cooling-off period.

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2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is a multiparty constitutional republic, but actions by the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front FSLN party resulted in de facto concentration of power in a single party, with an authoritarian executive branch exercising significant control over the legislative, judicial, and electoral functions. The elections also expanded the ruling party's supermajority in the National Assembly, which previously allowed for changes in the constitution that extended the reach of executive branch power and the elimination of restrictions on re-election for executive branch officials and mayors. Observers noted serious flaws during the municipal elections and regional elections. The principal human rights abuses were restrictions on citizens' right to vote, biased policies to realize single-party dominance, and increased government harassment and intimidation of nongovernmental organizations NGOs and civil society organizations.