Fabric inch strip watercolor

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44 in. x 2 in. Watercolor Jelly Rolls

Tutorial Design a Watercolor Quilt. Links to posts that may answer your questions or provide the details you need. For my money, I would use the 1" grid with the 2" squares

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Three appliqued cats are inspecting a flower garden outside the watercolor style windows, but keeping an eye on the butterflies that have drifted indoors. The quilt blocks are similar to attic windows, but with four mitered frames instead of two, and they're filled with floral scraps in the watercolor style. Create more contrast and depth by using frame fabrics with a bit more color value differences than mine.

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I like my blocks to go clockwise: If you want Log Cabin blocks that are both square and all the same size, there are two tricks you need to know:. Trick 1 is to cut your Log Cabin strips on the lengthwise grain parallel to the selvage. Yet, most quilting instructions start with cutting fabric strips the width of the fabric from selvage to selvage.