Orgasms under hypnosis

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We've all seen that people can do ridiculous things when hypnotized: squawk like chickens, talk to their shoes or even think they're Disney characters, as our very own Celeste Sepessy found out see page But being hypnotized to orgasm, that sounded a little too unbelievable. Glotfelter, 29, is a native Arizonan who started out as a computer programmer, but got into hypnosis after reading books in the library. Glotfelter openly calls himself a pervert, but says what he does for people is therapeutic.

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Kayla. Age: 30.
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Do you feel cheated sexually as a man because you're unable to experience multiple orgasms?

It is to derive erotic and sexual pleasure from hypnosis. If you tap your finger, your brain knows how that feels. She says:.

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Preparing for Childbirth With HypnoBirthing

Our Hypnosis CD products are shipped straight to your door quickly and easily. If you are looking for a convenient way to practice self-hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, our Hypnosis CDs will help take you there! Hypnosis Downloads from Hyptalk.

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Takeaway: Orgasms through your mind alone? Yes, please! From many accounts, this actually seems to work to provide both greater sexual pleasure and yes, hands-free orgasms.