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Helping to create safe spaces for LGBT+ people since 1983

A recent study of more than runaway and homeless providers throughout the United States identified four top causes for homelessness among LGBT youth: 1 family rejection resulting from sexual orientation or gender identity; 2 physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; 3 aging out of the foster care system; and 4 financial and emotional neglect. As a result of harassment and negative experiences in shelters, LGBT youth are more likely to live on the streets than their heterosexual peers and are especially vulnerable to physical and sexual exploitation. To address these challenges, LGBT youth who are homeless need access to safe, supportive housing. Street outreach, homeless shelters, transitional living programs, and other housing programs and services for youth should be free of bias and harassment and provide access to culturally competent services that affirms their identity and welcomes them.

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Recent government changes to housing benefit policy are further exacerbating homelessness and housing problems among this group. While conducting sociological research in a London day centre, I saw many cases of young LGBT people leaving their homes because of discrimination or homophobic abuse from family and friends. As well as coping with the experiences common to other young homeless people of finding shelter and support, young LGBT people faced additional hardships.

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Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep, but it's difficult to get a good night's rest when you are worried about theft, assault and the elements. This especially holds true when it comes to the cold. Most parts of the country find nighttime temperatures 20 degrees lower than they are during the day, but some areas of the country see a decrease of 50 degrees. Because of this, deaths caused by hypothermia were thirteen times higher than they were for those with proper shelter at night.