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Though some contend any form of physical correction equates to child abuse, there is a giant chasm between a mild spanking properly administered out of love and an out-of-control adult venting their emotions by physically abusing a child. Unfortunately, each of us enters this world with desires that are selfish, unkind, and harmful to others and ourselves. It is vital, however, that spanking be administered within proper guidelines. The reports about the punishment meted out by Peterson to his son, and the consequent injuries his son suffered, indicate his behavior on that occasion was far outside those boundaries.

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The Connections Between Spanking and Aggression

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 3 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Does the government belong in the bedrooms of the nation?

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The Tables Turn On Tracy

Their relationship was on a great path. They began to anticipate each other's needs on a level that didn't require either of them to utter a single word. Sometimes, Lauren would strip naked and stand in the corner where Tracy could easily find her. In that moment, that signaled to both of them that Lauren was ready to be spanked and they would make mad, passionate love to each other.

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I went to Uni after leaving Ladies College in the September ofI was just seventeen and I began to enjoy the jeans and T-shirt society after the stringent school uniform of the very expensive college. By Christmas I had met my first boyfriend Jonny, a leather jacket and everything black kind of guy, a little on the dangerous side and very moody but we got it together although his cock was much less than I had expected from such a macho type. We sort of fizzled out by the end of spring and in June the University was going on its summer break, two months of lazy summer days, bliss! Mum and Dad were off to Brazil for most of that time and I was invited to go but declined, the lure of the City was much greater and anyway, Dad was going for business reasons having property and other things there and Mum had family.