Ticklish vagina

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It's the question that fills mums-to-be with equal parts fear, curiosity and er, fear: 'What really happens to your vagina after giving birth? Ok, so it's no typical coffee shop chat well, unless you're a TMI mum who's likely to have told everyone about your third-degree tear before you've ordered your lattebut the goings on 'down there' after you've had a baby are generally not talked about. That's why we've given you all the facts below.

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11 Things Your Vagina Is Trying To Tell You, If Only You'd Call Her More Often

There are few things worse than feeling an odd twinge or sudden onslaught of vaginal pain. Not only does your vagina hurt like hell, but it's also super scary when something might be going awry in your most intimate space. Here are eight of some of the more common conditions you should be aware of — and definitely talk to your doctor about if you're worried you might have symptoms. This is a catchall medical term to describe vaginal pain, burning, and itching that coincides with an infection or inflammation happening between your legs.

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Weird Tingling sensation in my Vagina

One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy for many women is feeling the baby move for the first time. Often, it can be difficult for a woman to distinguish these first movements from other sensations, such as indigestion or gas. However, when a woman is certain that she is feeling the fetus move, she may describe the feeling as baby flutters.

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Try talking to her about the problem when you are not in bed or about to make love. Don't be accusative or demanding. Just ask her what she feels and why she thinks this has developed. Also, when you next make love, touch her vaginal lips very firmly without squeezing or hurting.