Vaginal burning after sex

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Why would a woman experience sensations of vaginal burning after sex? I don't think this could be a disease, because I don't have any other symptoms blood, discharge, etcand the pain never begins until AFTER sex, which also seems strange. What kind of problem am I dealing with? Any symptom that you experience associated with sex can be a source of a lot of distress.

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6 Reasons Your Vagina Feels Sore After Sex and What to Do About It

Vaginal itching and irritation is common. However, persistent itching, burning, and irritation may be a sign of infection or another underlying condition. These symptoms may begin suddenly or grow in intensity over time. The burning and irritation may be constant, or it may worsen during an activity like urination or sexual intercourse.

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What Causes Burning After Sex?

A burning sensation around the vaginal area is a relatively common complaint. There are many different causes of vaginal burning, including irritants, sexually transmitted diseases, and menopause. Each cause has its own symptoms and forms of treatment.

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Vaginitis is a medical term used to describe various disorders that cause infection or inflammation of the vagina. Vulvovaginitis refers to inflammation of both the vagina and vulva the external female genitals. These conditions can result from an infection caused by organisms such as bacteria, yeast, or viruses. Irritations from chemicals in creams, sprays, or even clothing that are in contact with this area can also result in vaginitis.