Wife strip poker stories

Jane. Age: 24.
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My wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around. The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself —

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Rosalie. Age: 24.
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My girlfriend in college was real nice looking and a bit wild. After drinking at a local club with two other buddies it was back to the dorm. We settled in my room just shooting the shit.

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Crystal. Age: 26.
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Strip Poker Foursome

My brother was visiting from his home in Florida and had been staying with us for a few days. One night as the three of us were sitting aroung the kitchen table having a few drinks I suggested a game of strip poker. My wife joked that I only suggested it cause I knew she wouldn't strip if she lost and I wouldn't want her too anyway so.

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When I got out of the Army, I went out on a high, so to speak. As a member of a Special Forces team, I enjoyed not only the duty itself--always in the thick of it, behind enemy lines, flying to this hot spot or that revolution--but I was proud of myself. I did my duty, served my country, maybe saved a few lives by taking out a few terrorists. Total 0 votes.